China, Ceramics and Glass

  • Assorted cut glass crystal decanters

Porcelain, china, glass, pottery.
This is a huge subject that covers many centuries.

Ceramics have always been a popular way of displaying wealth from the priceless Chinese objects that are many centuries old to the more modern bone china sets.
There can be some real collectable bargains to be had with more modern pieces appreciating in value.

This sub genre of antiques collecting encompasses both decorative and useful objects. Although you may not want to use a beautiful china tea set on a daily basis there can be nothing finer than taking tea from a beautiful well made bone china cup.
At Barnyard Antiques we have a collection of ceramics and glass in stock including a reasonable selection of Royal Memorabilia. We have pieces dating back to the 1937 coronation of King George VI through to more modern pieces.