• antique jelly mould and hand mincer
    Hand Mincer and Jelly Mould

What is kitchenalia?

The dictionary defines kitchenalia simply as “items related to the kitchen”.

Here at Barnyard Antiques we think of kitchenalia as more of a vintage or antique term for household goods that were used in or around the kitchen.
Probably the items that your Mum or Grandma used to use when you were growing up.

How about a vintage hand mincing machine or some antique copper pans? Think back to the times when the latest labour saving gadget was the hand mincer.
When people used to make their own jams and preserves with lovely big brass and copper pans. The kitchen ware of bygone years was generally of very high quality and if you don’t want to use them they make beautiful decorations.

Imagine using the original washboard or a washing dolly that pre-dates washing machines.
They are much nicer to look at rather than using them as they were designed.

Our philosophy at Barnyard Antiques is that we are interested in all unusual items preferably from bygone years.