Pop Culture and Memorabilia

  • Poster from Bradford Theare Royal

With our banner of eclectic and unique we like to keep our showroom interesting. Recently we have had the opportunity to purchase from a collection of Betty Boop figures. These are beautifully made resin figures that are very collectable. In addition we generally have a few interesting pieces of memorabilia in stock. From antique theatre signs that are a lovely piece of memorabilia from a bygone age to more modern pop art prints.

Pop culture is a really good way of starting a collection, there are many branches to collect such as music, film, theatre or something more niche such as sci-fi. A lot of pieces can be had for not much money although there are always some of the more popular pieces that will command a fortune. Take a look on our Facebook page for the article about some Only Fools and Horses fans that purchased a pocket watch for a rather large amount.

Our stock is always changing, why not pop in and add to your collection?